Since 1973, Youth Co-Op has educated students, youth, individuals, families, jobseekers, and newcomers in the U.S. The first “e” of our e3 philosophy, our mission to educate, forms a solid foundation upon which rests all of the other services we offer. We educate by teaching students valuable lessons in our K-12 charter school classes, tutoring youth in academic subjects to pass high-stakes exams or earn their G.E.D., imparting résumé writing skills and employability skills to help jobseekers get great jobs, and enrolling refugees in English courses to succeed in the U.S.

Through our orientations, we educate families how to manage their finances, how to become better parents, and how to live healthy lifestyles. And we educate individuals how to manage their time, how to communicate effectively, how to control anger, and how to improve their job searching skills to enter careers that offer great benefits, stability, and opportunities for promotions and salary increases.

Our mission to educate extends far beyond our Youth Co-Op Charter School and Youth Co-Op Preparatory School which serve students in all grades using small class sizes, parental involvement, and a culture promoting the highest levels of student achievement. Our agency promotes education and youth leadership by stationing our counselors in high schools to help students who are struggling overcome the barriers they face to graduate and continue in college and advanced training. We guide adults through the process of earning scholarships, grants and workforce benefits to learn the skills they need to keep their jobs, advance in the workplace, or enter new careers in high demand with high wages.

Now in the 21st century, we feel it is important to educate our students, participants, and clients on the use of technology they need to compete with their peers in classes and the workplace. We will continue to impart basic computer skills such as word processing, internet, operating software, spreadsheets, and publishing, and begin new ways to educate those whom we serve how to use social media and new forms of communication devices to network for good and contribute back to their communities.