Youth Co-Op helps to educate those whom we are privileged to serve so they may compete in the workplace and get good jobs or better jobs. We help to employ our youth, participants, and clients through comprehensive assessment and inventory of each person’s strengths, gaps, interests, preferences, objectives, and goals for the future. We help to employ these individuals by helping them map a plan to get from A to Z, from where they are now to where they wish to be in six months or a year from now; how they see themselves five years from now; and what their long-term outlook may be even be ten years down the road.

Our mission to employ includes working with youth, families, refugees, and individuals to select possible career options, prepare a job search plan, utilize interviewing skills, and recommend specific job openings that best match the applicant’s qualifications. Each day, we conduct workshops throughout South Florida which help our jobseekers prepare distinctive résumés, complete employment applications neatly and correctly, utilize popular resources to conduct job searches, operate standardized office equipment and computer software, answer frequently asked interview questions, dress in appropriate interview attire, and follow up with thank you letters and telephone calls.

As an agency with decades of experience in South Florida, we know which employers are hiring, specific career ladders in high demand, new companies opening around town, and we have our eyes and ears attuned to the pulse of the workforce community. This past year, over 100,000 clients trusted Youth Co-Op for their employment needs. Most of the people we help to employ have been recommended to us by a family member or friend. Still others are referred to us by a partner agency which we have collaborated with in the community. No matter how they find us, we take special measures to treat each person’s needs as an individual and constantly focus on the ultimate objective of helping to employ those who are depending on us to provide excellent services.

Our mission to employ extends beyond helping jobseekers. We support the needs of employers looking to hire qualified workers as well. Employers count on us to provide a full range of back-office support for their human resources needs: from recruitment and screening, to job-matching and post-hiring support. Our agency’s professionals take each employer’s individual needs into consideration in order to fill each position with the most qualified employee possible. Then we exceed employers’ expectations by performing above and beyond their requirements: we advise them of tax credits available for hiring workers belonging to various categories, we help them negotiate salaries based on research of locally prevailing wages, we assist them drafting job requirements and tasks, and we follow-up by taking pro-active measures on a regular basis to make sure that new-hires are performing satisfactorily for their employers during their first year. And we do all of this at no charge, whatsoever, to the employer or the employee!