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About us

A customer-friendly approach in service delivery is YCI’s trademark. Staff and management combine the business acumen with the non-profit ideology of bettering the communities in which we operate. A message from the President

What We Do

In the early 1970’s, a group of community leaders came together to build positive futures for at-risk youth. After receiving our first grant of $25,000, our staff recognized that only working with youth would not be as productive as working with their families as well.

Soon after, YCI implemented job training and education programs that helped put parents and family members to work in good jobs with benefits that led to promotions and salary increases.

Today YCI provides quality, cost-effective services to our participants at no cost. Our mission is based upon-a proven formula to educate, employ, and empower. Each year we meet the needs of thousands using this formula as our guide. YCI’s vision is to be Florida’s human services partner of choice, delivering the quality services that focus on youth and families and add value to the communities in which we serve.


Our Board
YCI is goverened by an independent Board comprised of prominent community leaders.
Senior Staff
Our leadership is strong due to our knowledge and expertise in this field.