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Back to Work 50+


Mature workers are facing major challenges to enter in the job market. At the same time that many are raising children and helping aging parents, many older individuals are looking for full-time employment.  They have many disadvantages compared to other generational groups.

BACK TO WORK 50+  at Youth Co-Op in collaboration with the AARP Foundation seeks to empower individuals over 50 years old by giving them access to jobs, training and opportunities so they can achieve self-sufficiency through employment.

BACK TO WORK 50+ operates at 3 Youth Co-Op, Inc Operated CareerSource Centers

-Little Havana CareerSource Center

-West Dade CareerSource Center

-Perrine CareerSource Center

7 Smart Strategies Workshops for 50+ Jobseekers

Attend the 7 Smart Strategies workshops where you can learn how to update your job seeking skills, networking techniques, resume writing skills and apply for the BACK TO WORK 50+ Coaching and Training program.

Click Here or call the AARP Foundation at 1 855 850 2525

To register in the next 7 Smart Strategies workshop.