Refugee Employment and Training (RET)

Refugee Employment Services help meet the short and long-term goals of each program participant. Assisting refugees, asylees and Cuban/Haitian Humanitarian Parolees into employment is key to their successful integration into American society.

YCI’s employment specialists and job developers help refugees find jobs as quickly as possible, then provide additional training and counseling to help them advance to better jobs or to resume careers they had before coming to the United States. Services are available for five years following the arrival of the eligible program participant in the U.S. and offered in three ways:

Pre-Employment work adjustment counseling services help refugees get their first job after arrival including:

  • Job Search & Placement Assistance
  • On-the-Job Training Referrals
  • English Language Referrals
  • Transportation & Child Care
  • Referrals to Community Supports
Career Laddering assists refugees who were in a professional career in their country of origin to obtain education and employment in the same or similar field, such as:

  • Skills Determination
  • Career Laddering Assessment & Plan
  • Employed Worker Training Referrals
  • Internship & Apprenticeship Referrals
  • Job Upgrading & Placement
Post-Employment services help employed members of a refugee family move from first jobs to higher level jobs with better incomes and benefits. Program participants are eligible to receive the following:

  • Career Advancement Counseling
  • Specific Marketable Skills Training
  • English Language Instruction for the Employed
YCI offers RET services in Miami-Dade and Palm Beach counties. For assistance, please visit us at one of our convenient locations or contact us at or call 305.643.6730.